Highly nourishing because of the high density of essential nutrients

Superfoods are a selection of fruits, seeds and plants (or parts of plants) that have a naturally rich nutritional profile. They often come from far-flung corners of the world, but you can just as easily find them in Europe. Most of them grow in the wild in extreme places with a severe climate, such as mountain uplands, jungles or desert-like areas. For this reason, they often contain exceptionally large quantities of natural antibodies in the form of phytonutrients, which act as the plant’s immune system against the pressures of its harsh environment. Superfoods are therefore highly nourishing because of the high density of essential nutrients they contain. They give our health an enormous boost.

Some superfoods highlighted:

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Raw of living food

Minimum processing and not heated above 42°C

Raw or living food is food in which all the vital nutrients are present. To preserve these vital nutrients, raw or living food cannot be heated above 42°C and should only be subject to a minimum of processing/treatment. For example, if you plant a living seed and a heated seed in the soil, it is only the unheated living seed that will germinate and bring forth new life. The heated seed certainly still contains valuable nutrients, but it is incapable of generating new life. Wholesome, unheated vegetable foodstuffs that are processed or treated as little as possible offer the best guarantee for the minimal loss of nutritional value.

Why should you eat superfoods?

In combination with a balanced diet, they can help to ensure a healthy life style

They can easily be found in a dried form, although the fresh products are not always available all year round. Fresh superfoods that grow in distant lands sometimes have a very long and difficult journey before they arrive in our shops, so that much of their nutritional value has been lost en route. Eating dried superfoods is one way to overcome this potential problem, since they can be kept for longer periods. The presence of (phyto)nutrients in a concentrated form is particularly beneficial for people with an active way of life. This extra dose of nutrients can easily be added to anyone’s diet, no matter what their eating preferences.

Superfoods can easily meet or supplement our daily requirement of fruit and vegetables. Their nutritional profile is much better than the profile of processed or refined foodstuffs, which regrettably are taking up more and more space in our shops and supermarkets.

Superfoods can contribute in an important way to a healthy pattern of eating, but must never be made an excuse for unhealthy eating habits. You cannot live by superfoods alone! It remains of vital importance to have a varied and balanced diet, so that you get a broad spectrum of all the nutrients you need. No single product can give your body everything it requires. Even so, superfoods remain an excellent source of some of these nutrients and antibodies, and are an ideal way to add a little something extra to a healthy and active life style. What’s more, you only need to consume relatively small quantities of the product to receive large quantities of the essential nutrients and antibodies they contain.

What do superfoods do to your body?

They support a healthy life style

If our diet is unbalanced and if we are exposed to toxins (through environmental pollution, inappropriate medication use, contact with heavy metals, etc), the effect on our human metabolism can be severe.

Each day, the liver works hard to detoxify our blood and minimize the strain on the body. All the waste and ballast materials are evacuated by the liver and the intestines, following which our kidneys filter our blood as it circulates, removing the most harmful substances. When this natural ‘cleaning’ process works less well, our body can quickly lose its natural balance, resulting in symptoms like tiredness, listlessness, pale skin, repeated colds, rashes and mental dips. Internal purification or detoxification helps to reduce the burden on our organs and gives us greater energy, by reducing the level of undesirable substances in our system.

Vascular disease and cancer are the world’s two biggest causes of death. Regular consumption of fruit and vegetables has been shown to have a clear link with a reduced level of risk for chronic medical conditions such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Superfoods are extremely rich in anti-oxidants (they have a high ORAC value). Anti-oxidants can neutralize harmful free radicals in our body and eliminate their damaging effects. In this way, our cells are protected, allowing the body to stay young and healthy.


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