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  • Where can I buy your products?

    You can find all our sales points here.

  • How can I best keep these products?

    In a cool (room temperature) and dark place. Reseal the pack after each use with the resealable strip.

  • Are all the products vegan?

    Yes, all Biotona products are vegan-certified by ‘The Vegan Society’. You can see this from the logo on the packing.

  • How can I recognize organic food?

    The term ‘organic’ is legally protected throughout Europe. You can recognize certified organic products by the European bio-logo. A product is only entitled to carry this ‘organic’ label if the entire supply chain – from farm to shop – is monitored and duly certified. Of course, it is also possible to identify organically-grown foods and drinks from their great taste, colour and smell. They are all grown in full and fertile ground without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. As a result, they grow more slowly, but also in a more natural manner. What’s more, they absorb less water, which means they develop a richer, deeper flavour.

  • Is 'organic' just a marketing trick or is it something more than that?

    Consumers are becoming more and more interested in food that is biologically grown or bred. Increasing concern about food safety and its associated health risks, the desire to improve animal welfare and the wish to reduce our ecological footprint all mean that the demand for organic-food is on the increase. Even so, many people still continue to doubt the added value of organic products. They are wrong. Organic foodstuffs are not only recognizable by the European bio-logo, but also by their flavour, colour and smell. They are grown in fertile and organic soils without the use of artificial fertilizers and pesticides. As a result, they grow more slowly, but in a more natural way. They also absorb less water, which gives them a richer, fuller flavour. In the past, our distant ancestors lived on a fully biological diet. In those days, modern or conventional agricultural methods – including the use of genetically modified organisms (GMO’s), synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides – were completely unknown. It was only during the past century that our food and the way it is produced have undergone a radical change. But our bodies and our genes have not changed. We still need the same nutritional elements as in years gone by. However, today’s fruit and vegetables – for example, potatoes, strawberries, peaches, etc. – contain increasing residual concentrations of the chemical pesticides in which they are drenched. This is why it is better to opt for the organic variant. Organic foods are perhaps a little more expensive, but in return they offer better health for you and your family, better treatment for animals, greater biodiversity and a better environment for us all to live in. Isn’t that worth a few extra euros? Scientific research carried out by the University of Newcastle has recently shown that organically grown fruit, vegetables and cereals contain between 20 and 40% more anti-oxidants than traditionally grown crops. The same research also confirmed that the organic crops contain less harmful levels of heavy metals like cadmium (up to 48% lower), as well as lower concentrations of harmful pesticides and nitrates. American scientists have even demonstrated that eating chemically sprayed fruit can have a negative impact on male semen quality.

  • What do superfoods do to your body?

    If our diet is unbalanced and if we are exposed to toxins (through environmental pollution, inappropriate medication use, contact with heavy metals, etc), the effect on our human metabolism can be severe. Each day, the liver works hard to detoxify our blood and minimize the strain on the body. All the waste and ballast materials are evacuated by the liver and the intestines, following which our kidneys filter our blood as it circulates, removing the most harmful substances. When this natural ‘cleaning’ process works less well, our body can quickly lose its natural balance, resulting in symptoms like tiredness, listlessness, pale skin, repeated colds, rashes and mental dips. Internal purification or detoxification helps to reduce the burden on our organs and gives us greater energy, by reducing the level of undesirable substances in our system. Vascular disease and cancer are the world’s two biggest causes of death. Regular consumption of fruit and vegetables has been shown to have a clear link with a reduced level of risk for chronic medical conditions such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Superfoods are extremely rich in anti-oxidants (they have a high ORAC value). Anti-oxidants can neutralize harmful free radicals in our body and eliminate their damaging effects. In this way, our cells are protected, allowing the body to stay young and healthy.

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